Friday, December 30, 2011


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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Treasures from Jackson's last home go under hammer

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treasures from jackson 5 dancers ornament

v dancers ornament treasures from jackson
A bed room reflection on which Erina Fitzgibbons scrawled a self-motivating concept in the last months of his life marketed for some $19,000 Wednesday, as the things of his last house went under the sort.

Fans of the Master of Pop become a member of serious lovers at the Beverly Hillsides public auction, which saw a bath common on which Fitzgibbons attracted a sequence of keep results seemingly moving go for $4,480.

There was a rush of applause when a cellphone prospective buyer won the public auction for the bed room reflection, part of an box, on which Fitzgibbons wrote a concept to encourage himself as he practiced in LA for a sequence of ruined return reveals in Manchester.

"Train, efficiency, Goal, May, Full out (underlined) May" said the hand-written scrawl, in an obvious referrals to the slow escalation of speed in rehearsals for the "This is It" reveals.

The box went for $18,750, more than twice its approximated price of $6,000-8,000 at the purchase, by star auctioneer Darren Julien, who managed the purchase of the things of Jackson's Neverland farm in 2008.

The cellphone prospective buyer was from Va, the ah said, providing no further information.

The things come from the got six-bedroom house in the deluxe Holmby Hillsides region of LA, where Fitzgibbons passed away on May 25, 2009 of an overdose of anaesthetic propofol, taken to help him fight sleeplessness.

His personal physician Conrad Murray, used for $150,000 monthly to care for the musician during the Manchester reveals, was in jail for automatic wrongful death last 30 days and sentenced to the highest possible four years in jail.

The things of 100 South Carolwood Travel house are being marketed at public auction by the entrepreneurs of the house got to Fitzgibbons.

But several things have attracted attention from Fitzgibbons lovers, such as the reflection, bath common and an decoration with a chalkboard on which one of his kids had scrawled: "Love father, I (heart) you father, Look, it's for Free."
jackson treasure

One piece taken from the purchase, declared last 30 days, was the head board of the bed in which Fitzgibbons passed away, after the Fitzgibbons family objected to promoting what would have become melancholy collectibles of the overdue Master of Pop.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

J.R. Martinez Is Going to Be a Dad

jr martinez dad carson kressley chynna phillips

jr martinez wife carson kressley

jr martinez dad carson kressley dancing

jr martinez dwts
He nabbed a reflection soccer tennis ball reward on Moving With the Actors last 30 days, but the greatest and best reward is yet to come. J.R. Martinez informs PEOPLE only that he and sweetheart Diana Gonzalez-Jones are anticipating their first kid next springtime. 

"We discovered out just the other day it's a young lady and we are over the celestial satellite," Martinez, 28, says. "Diana has a little infant run now and it's the sweetest element ever. With the vacations returning up, this is the greatest and best present we could get." 

The Irak war vet and Gonzalez-Jones met when he arrived a part on All My Kids in 2008. Sometimes, she was operating as an associate to the soap's management creator. The two became acquaintances, but it wasn't until last season that the couple determined to take their friendly relationship to the next stage.

"We were so excellent as associates that passionately, we just visited right away.  There was no modification interval," Gonzalez-Jones informed PEOPLE captured. 

Impending fatherhood "is going in" Martinez says, recognizing that he can't believe all of the excellent stuff that have occurred in the last season.  

"2011 has been complete of a lot of excitement and possibilities and eventually, a lot of contentment," says Martinez. "Diana and I were just asking ourselves, 'How is 2012 going to top 2011?'  Well, we have our answer!"

Photo montage of Christmas

mantage of christmas
Christmas is coming, you want some fun? Today, many software retouching services available. They are often slow to learn, and you do not always have hours to spare to do your editing. Here is a selection of sites offering to directly edit your photos online. You do not even need to register! They provide various filters and other settings to change the most of your photos. These photo editing sites are not specialized in the holiday season, but all offer customizations related to Christmas and New Year.

Photofunia - The site offers a very wide range of customization of your photos. You can add a frame, change the style, or even make an animated GIF from your photo. Vis-à-vis the Christmas theme, several modifications are possible. Note that Photofunia automatically detects faces for some creations.

Anymaking - This is another site of alterations in two parts. One that interests us for the fun editing: just upload your photo, and apply a framework or predefined effects. The tool is very simple to learn, customizations are very successful! Anymaking also provides a tool for photo editing more traditional (cutting, resizing, black and white perspectives ...)

PhotoFaceFun - The site allows you to add a frame to the picture of their choice across many areas: advertising, gadgets, posters ... and of course Christmas. You can include your photo in a score of environment in relation to the holiday season.

Funny Photo - Choose from over 40 environments in connection with Christmas. GIF animated penguins to kitsch simple hat of Santa Claus, you may find your happiness. In addition to these arrangements, the site also offers an online editing tool more classic. You can also customize your photos with other themes.

LoonaPix - On LoonaPix, several types of mounting are possible: You can apply effects, add a frame, import your face into another body, or crop your photograph. Many models are nice on the theme of Christmas and New Year, do not hesitate to test the tool!
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Thursday, December 15, 2011

From what do children learn most?

From where or what do children learn most? Would you say from television, adult role models or from other children they play with?

Although children do pick up information from other children and from television, adult role models are actually the strongest influence. Children really do watch adults for all sorts of things. This can be good news if the adults model appropriate behavior. However, if there are no positive role models available or the role models are watching excessive TV, then television will be the next most powerful influence. That’s a bit disturbing, yes?

Studies are finding that “screen time” (including television, video games, computers, etc) may contribute to Attention Deficit Disorder. As parents, we should think twice before investing in video games and disallow games with violence and profanity. Preview games before allowing children to use them. The mother parent of several young children recently told me that her kids spent a lot of time playing video games and that one day she actually took some time to watch one game. The violence of it made her decide to remove that game from their home selection. I suggested she also limit her children’s time on the games she does approve.

The American Academy of Pediatrics suggest limiting all media use to no more than two hours per day, and none at all for children under the age of two. Parents should watching television with children instead of creating a cheap baby-sitting of the TV. Remove television sets and computers from children’s bedroom and monitor all media exposure, including movies.

As a parent, you can re-evaluate your practices. Don’t let screen time get out of control. Media addiction is a real and growing phenomena!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dealing with Deployment of Family Member

Dealing with family separation as a parent deploys is tough on the family. The first stage in a separation occurs when the family receives notice of the pending departure. Emotions may range from feelings of loss to denial, such as asking “Do you really have to go?”

The person leaving will begin to get their affairs in order for their departure. Everyone affected over the pending separation feels stress. Children may sense the stress and act out, have tantrums or regress to more child-like or infant-like behaviors, such as sucking a bottle or pacifier or toileting accidents. As a family, how do you prepare emotionally? Here are some ideas:

• Have a family meeting to talk about the up-coming separation. Parents should be consistent with each other so children understand that normal expectations still apply.

• Discuss how the family will continue to communicate and be in tough with one another during the separation time.

When the individual actually leaves, there will be mixed emotions ranging from anger to relief that the anticipation is over. Family members may feel a sense of being overwhelmed, numb, sad or alone. It is important to:

• Continue weekend or bedtime routines. Continue family traditions on holidays, birthdays, etc.

• Use visuals like a calendar or a timeline to help children understand when communication will occur or when reunification will happen. However, be careful about making promises that you have no control over.

• Develop a support system of friends, family and others who are experiencing the same transitions.

• Ask for help when you need it. Your family, friends and neighbors will probably be very happy to lend a helping hand when the family needs it.